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Our Story


The bawiq story began in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on a sunny afternoon – when Raj could not bear to step out of his house under the scorching sun to buy groceries to cook his meal. Moreover, there were not any online supermarkets available at the time, which offered same-day deliveries.

“We can get meals cooked from scratch and delivered to us in no time, but groceries? Why is it so difficult to get groceries delivered instantly?”

These questions transformed into an idea – An innovative idea to develop a service that was capable of delivering groceries with a short fulfilment time, of just 90 mins.

That’s how your one-stop grocery app, bawiq, was born.

The bawiq Team strives to provide professional and unparalleled service that consistently remains a step ahead of its competitors.

We care not only about bringing innovation to the supermarket industry but also to remain committed to protecting the environment.

bawiq places an emphasis on remaining connected with our customers on multiple touch points to drive customer satisfaction.

Our team is devoted to make bawiq the next unicorn the market needs.

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Meet the Team


Founder & CEO

Raj Lee has over 20 years of management experience within Blue-Chip organizations in Property Development, Mixed-Use Assets and Retail Operations. His work spanned across regions in United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Barbados, and United Arab Emirates.


Head of App Development

Hardik is an experienced App Development professional who has had an illustrious career that cuts across several major tech companies. He currently spearheads bawiq’s App Development team and oversees the development of new features and functionalities of the bawiq app. He brings years of backend development experience where his technical expertise will undoubtedly help bawiq to be the leading grocery delivery company in the region.


Head of HR & Admin

There are few who speak the language of commitment, discipline and hard work, better than Nadine does. She has over 6 years of experience in personnel management and office administration, making it one of her strongest suites. She optimizes resource allocation and office workflows for Team bawiq.


Head of Finance

Synthia is a performance-driven finance professional that brings a holistic approach to our financial department. She has over 10 years of experience in Accounting, Financial Mangement, Tax & Auditing and Asset Management.


Head of Marketing

Meliena is an experienced professional marketer who has had an illustrious career spanning more than 10 years. She comes equipped with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of what makes an excellent marketing strategy. Her proven track record coupled with her strong sense of understanding what customers want will certainly ensure bawiq as the leading grocery delivery service provider in the region.‍


Head of IT

Adrian is an experienced IT professional with over 19 years’experience in IT, Infrastructure and Project Management - entailing a host ofIT related matters such as strategic direction, budget, preparation, vendor relationships, planning and operating strategies and Data Centers. He comes equipped with the technical know-how and experience for keeping bawiq’s IT infrastructure in tip top shape.


Fleet Manager

Gerald is an effective Fleet Manager with 15 years of experience in fleet logistics and customer support, where he employs his communication skills to troubleshoot, hire and train his fleet staff. Gerald also has a keen eye for identifying trends, to improve processes to maximize efficiency.


Customer Service Manager (MY)

Elino is a customer service professional who has more than 18years of professional experience in dealing with customers. His background in the hospitality industry has equipped him with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to handle an assortment of customer requests. His vast experience in dealing with customers will propel bawiq’s customer service team to greater heights.‍


Customer Service Supervisor (UAE)

Riyas is a customer service professional equipped with in-depth experience working as a customer service personnel throughout his illustrious career. As bawiq’s Customer Service Supervisor, he will now oversee the smooth operations of the customer service team, where his experience in the customer service segment will help out bawiq’s business prospects to be the leading grocery delivery company.


Retail Buyer Manager

Salleh is bawiq’s retail buyer manager who will oversee the acquisition of new products, stocks, items, and other appurtenances. Salleh comes equipped with years of experience in there tail buying segment where his deep knowledge and skills in retail buying will help bawiq to position itself to be the leading grocery delivery service provider in the region.