The smart way to get your product to customers.

Do more business with bawiq:

bawiq makes a real impact on your business. Having your brand featured on the app gets customers to discover you and loyal customers to enjoy your products more often. We provide a platform which will grow access to over 2,000,000 active users and a potential on-boarding of 9,000 stores. bawiq will allow you to capitalise on your marketing budget, increase your sales, and capture a much wider targeted audience.

Launching a new product?

Use our network of stores to get your product out there!

By becoming a bawiq partner, you immediately gain access to our supermarket network. If you have a new product or promotion, the bawiq platform allows you to directly stock these in any of our locations. All you have to do is provide the details, and we will provide the platform.

Partner with professionals:

Choosing to partner with bawiq, we make sure that your brand stands out the way it should. We will provide you access to key areas of our app – both online and offline. We will consistently feature your brand and guarantee the exposure you seek, whether it be your own dedicated promotion inside the application itself, or capturing the eyes of thousands through people in our delivery uniforms. We will continue to provide you with key market intelligence, to keep operations smooth, and to deliver quality service to your customers.

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