Own a bawiq Cloud Supermarket

How does the franchise model work/what do I need to do as a franchisee?
To Get Started
Choose an area
Meet supermarket owners
Sign up supermarket
Prepare live product list
Make Deliveries
Receive order on your tablet
Pick the items as per the order
Pack the items
Deliver the items to the customer


To Get Started

Choose an area
Meet supermarket
Sign up
Prepare live
product list

Make Deliveries

Receive order
on your tablet
Pick the items as
per the order
Pack the items
Deliver the items
to the customer
How much money will I make?

Profitability depends on many factors including your chosen area of operation, operating costs (driver salary, supermarket margin rate), financing terms, types of products sold, and most importantly, your ability to operate the business effectively.

Is there an opportunity to acquire more than one area to run the bawiq Cloud Supermarket?

Yes, you do have an opportunity to run more than one area, depending on availability. However, you will have to pay for each additional area depending on the zones it falls under – which varies from USD 5,500 to USD 10,000.

How many franchisees will run one area?

Each area is exclusive to one franchisee. However, one franchisee can own multiple areas.

Will we need to rent a shop or manage our own inventory/stocks?

No, you will not be required to rent a shop/space and will not be required to manage your own physical inventory/stocks.

The bawiq Cloud Supermarket Business Model only requires you to deliver orders from your partnered supermarket, to the customer’s doorstep.

How many employees will I need to hire to run my franchise?

You will only need delivery riders to pick up the groceries and deliver them to the customer’s doorstep. The number of riders required depends on the number of orders you get per day.

Using our same example of a minimum of 50 orders per day, you would need at least 3 people to pick the orders and make deliveries.

What licenses or documents will I require to start the business?

The licenses or documents needed to start the business are as follows:

Trade License - It takes 3 to 20 days to get a trade license in the UAE. Note: The cost to acquire the trade license is incurred by you.

bawiq’s Franchise Term Sheet - On signing the term sheet, you will have to pay a non-refundable deposit of USD 1,500 per area to bawiq.

bawiq’s Franchise Contract - Upon signing the franchise contract, the remaining payment to bawiq needs to be completed.

What costs can I expect to incur to start and keep the business running?

There are two types of expenses you can expect. Those you will incur under the franchise with bawiq, and those you will incur on your own.

bawiq Franchise Costs:

You will have one-time startup costs:

  1. Franchise fee of USD 5,500 to USD 10,000, depending on area allocation
  2. Training fees of USD 600
  3. Team uniforms for USD 500

Monthly recurring fees:

  1. A fee of 5% of monthly gross sales
  2. Professional Fees = USD 700 that covers:
  • Marketing Support
  • Accountancy Support
  • Customer Support
  • App Support

Other costs you may incur:

  1. Trade License cost (renewed annually)

Monthly Driver’s salary (varies from USD 500 to USD 1,200)