September 14, 2020

We live in a world where we can just order anything we want using smartphones. But, why don’t we just buy grocery items the same way we buy clothes, shoes and other items which are via an app. Well, now we can with new grocery shopping and delivery apps. Many Malaysians believe that grocery apps are now the best thing going for everyone but are grocery apps phenomenal? Let’stake a look shall we?


Are Grocery Apps Truly Phenomenal?

1. You Don’t Need To Physically Go To A Store To Get Your Groceries

Majority of everyone’s time is consumed with work and taking care of their children which could be quite stressful and it could be frustrating to go grocery shopping, look for items we need, stand in a very “panjang punya” queue and what not. It can drive a person to the brink of insanity (Not literally, but you get the idea). So, grocery apps like bawiq for example, which offers a great load of items that users can choose from and get it in 90-minutes on their doorstep, does help users exponentially to manage their time and energy.


We Have To Constantly Wear Face Masks To Remain Coronavirus Free, Even In Grocery Stores

3. Lowers the risk of contracting the Covid-19 Virus

In March 2020, Malaysia was officially under lockdown due to the spreading of the Covid-19 virus. Fear was spreading as fast as the virus itself and many Malaysians were concerned how they would get their groceries while trying to maintain social distancing. The introduction of grocery apps completely dissipated those worries and many started to use these apps to get what they want without even stepping outside of their house and risk getting exposed to the virus. Users can just relax in their homes, calmly order and wait for just 90-minutes for their items to be delivered while also maintaining social distancing and remain Coronavirus free.


Trying To Find A Parking Space Near A Grocery Store Can Be Challenging

3. No Long Travel and Parking Cost Hassles

No one likes to travel long distances just to get groceries and spend 30 minutes of their time trying to find a parking space whenever they go grocery shopping.Grocery apps eliminate both of these issues. Users don’t have to go to a store which can be far away from their homes and they don’t need to worry about finding parking spots or paying for those spots especially in places like Bangsar, Petaling Jaya and so on. Just download any grocery app (I would suggest bawiq because it’s the best) and spend quality time with your family while waiting for your groceries.


You Don't Have To Go To The Gym If You Carry This Much Of Groceries Twice A Week

4. No Need To Carry Heavy Groceries

Whenever we buy groceries, we tend to buy a lot and it could be a chore to carry all of these items from the shop to your car, drive back home and then carry these items back to your home. Do it once every 3 days and you don’t need to go to the gym anymore or you could just download a grocery app and avoid carrying bulk-sized items. Just have it delivered to you. Simple right? To make things even better, grocery apps like bawiq offers discounts and special offers if you buy more items in bulk-size from their app. Therefore, users can save both their money and energy, that’s what we call ‘killing two birds with one stone’.


Using A Grocery App Is Way More Easier Than Going To The Store

5. Using A Grocery App Is Way More Flexible

Users want flexibility in their grocery app and they can uncover a wide amount of products that they want via categories and add the items in their cart rather than going to another shop if an item is not available. Users can also compare the prices with other products which can be done within the app itself at the comfort of their sofas and to make things even more interesting, they can just find the items that they need based on what they had bought previously by accessing their purchase history, completely voiding the need of creating a grocery list.


We now have the luxury of downloading grocery apps like bawiq where we can just order anything we need at any time without being stressed out or even frustrated. Therefore, grocery apps are truly a phenomenal part of our lives.