Are You Washing Your Clothes Correctly? 5 Laundry Mistakes You’re Probably Making

September 15, 2020

“Ahhhh,  my baju all rosak ready! How did this happen? Washer got problem meh??”😱😱 This is how we would react when our clothes are damaged by a washing machine and we would typically blame the machine itself for the mishap. But majority of times,we are the ones that make the mistake unknowingly. Here are some of the common laundry mistakes we make and how to avoid them.


Too Much Detergent Is Bad for Your Clothes?

A.   Using Too Much Detergent:

It is always assumed (even by me, hihi 🤭) that by adding extra detergent to wash our laundry will make our clothes much cleaner and fragrant but in reality, extra detergent can cause a lot of suds which holds almost all of the dirt and bacteria which prevents areas like shirt collars to be rinsed completely clean. So, just use small amount of detergent and if necessary, add a little bit more if the clothes aren’t getting as cleaned as you’d like.


Why Do We Not Un-Button Our Shirts in the First Place?

B.   Leaving a Shirt Buttoned Up:

There is a myth among many that leaving shirts buttoned in the washer is a good thing because it would preserve the shirt’s shape but it’s the exact opposite. Leaving clothes buttoned can loosen the thread around the button holes, stretch them out, damage or even rip out the buttons. So, make sure to always unbutton your shirts or any other clothing with buttons before putting them in the washer.

Dry-Clean Clothes are Better Washed by Hand or by Professionals

C.   Ignoring The ‘Dry-Clean’ Label on Clothes:

If you have clothes that has a ‘Dry Clean Only’ label on it, proceed with caution as modern washing machines are not built for cleaning delicate materials. Throwing clothes that has this label in the washer can completely ruin the clothes which is why clothes that are made using materials like ‘Suede, Silk, Leather’and anything with ornamentation should always be dry-cleaned.


Stains Like Red Wine or Ink Are Some of The Most Difficult to Remove

D.   Over Scrubbing Stains on Clothes:

We may think that when our clothes get covered in stains like a red wine or mud,scrubbing it aggressively (elbow greasing) would solve the problem but it would make things even worse.  Over scrubbing stains can cause the stain to spread even more and it could even wear away the fabric resulting in possible tear on the fabric. So, why not try to gently dab the stain with a cloth and get it into the washer as soon as possible so the stain does not set in.


Mixing New Clothes with Plain Coloured Cloth Could Have Disastrous Results

E.    Not Doing a Quick “Bleeding” Test on New Clothes:

Let’s be honest, we tend to not wash new clothes but actually wear them then wash it right? (I know I do) but new clothes tend to ‘bleed’, not literally spill out blood but the dye of the clothes would come out and get mixed with other clothes. So, what can you do? Well, you can dampen a spot of the cloth,then blot it with a white cloth to see if the dye bleeds and if so, wash the item on its own until the colour stops bleeding. This would save the rest of your outfits from being damaged or get an undesirable colour change.


In the end, by avoiding these common laundry mistakes, we can protect our clothes, our washing machine and also our wallet(Rescuing our wallets is top priority). So on your next laundry day, just practice some of the tips that were given by using any detergent, bleach or any other products which you can get by downloading and using the bawiq app to get all your laundry cleaning needs on your doorstep in just 90-minutes.