The Benefits Of Grocery Delivery Apps In Our Daily Lives

September 11, 2020

One thing that is quite frankly an inseparable part of our lives aside from our family is grocery. No matter if a person is rich or poor, single or married, the need to buy grocery always exists and we have to shop for groceries at the very least once a week. Be that as it may, it becomes extremely difficult to go out and physically buy groceries every day due to our hectic work life or even taking care of our kids for that matter. So what could possibly rescue us from this predicament? Well, there is a solution: On-Demand Grocery Apps (Yeapppieee). 

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What are the benefits of having a grocery app? 

A rising technological phenomenon which is taking the world by storm, grocery app is quickly becoming the new ‘Normal’ in everyone’s lives due to how easy it is to get such apps and how quickly we can get what we need without much hassle. With a grocery app like ‘bawiq’ for example, you simply have to choose the things you want to buy, add them to the cart, make your payment through any gateway available in the app and then get the items delivered to your doorstep in just 90-minutes. (It’s easy-peasy Japaneasy). With that being said, let’s get a more detailed look at what are the advantages and benefits of a grocery app.

All of us are racing against time and we need to spend less time shopping for groceries

Benefit No. 1: Time and Energy Efficient

An average individual is always running a race with time as they have to go through a working period of forty-hours per week which is quite a lot which leaves little to no time for a person to run to the store and get the items they need. A research conducted by Time Use Institute states that the average time a person spends in the grocery store is about 41 minutes and many people are looking for options to save time in whatever way they possibly can and that’s where grocery apps like bawiq’ come into play. An app like ‘bawiq’ does not only offer the convenience of 90-minute doorstep delivery, but customers can also get the option of handpicking multiple items which at times customers would need to physically travel to two to three shops which is both frustrating and time consuming. In addition, features such as delivery tracking and rescheduling also helps customers to plan their day in a way that allows them to easily pick the delivery of groceries at any time.

Shopping for groceries in a physical store can be tiring especially when the shop is far from our homes

Benefit No. 2: Saving the Hassle of Traveling to Physical Stores

As stated earlier, many working-class people would have difficulties to travel to a grocery store and to make matters even more complicated, many people have difficulty going to a grocery store due to the fact that there is no grocery store nearby their place. At times, one has to travel many kilo meters just to get potatoes and cooking oil which is a travesty just to say the least. A grocery app like ‘bawiq’ helps customers in saving multiple hours of not only traveling to and from a store, but also the time of going through items, handpicking said items, waiting in queue for payments and so on, things that can be done with the ‘bawiq’ app in mere minutes. With the amount of time saved with the app, customers can spend that time in other activities such as having a quality time with their families. At times, some customers may not know how to use the app. So, why not have your children to help you out in ordering groceries online as children in today’s day and age are considered pros in using smartphones but of course, the payment should sit in your hand for reasons (You know what I mean).

Physically bulk-shopping can be an extremely difficult venture

Benefit No. 3: Buying Things in Bulk-Size is Way More Easier

Many people want to buy huge amounts of grocery items whenever they go grocery shopping however, two things are always in the way of customers on reaching that goal: cost and weight of the items which is why the existence of grocery apps like ‘bawiq’ are a blessing in disguise. If customers want to buy huge amount of items, they could just simply add the bulky products to their virtual shopping carts and have them delivered right to their doorstep with the only hassle that they would be facing is bringing the items inside their homes. Besides that, buying in bulk is considered to be a great way to cut your grocery costs and with grocery apps promoting multiple amounts of discounts if customers purchase more items using their app, it proves that grocery apps such as ‘bawiq’ are the cost-effective platforms that customers have been craving for.

Buying groceries online is easy: just login, choose, and wait for your items to be delivered to you

Benefit No. 4: Grocery Apps Provide Greater Levels of Flexibility

With the introduction of grocery apps in today’s day and age, customers can uncover a wide range of products that they need within their customized filters, explore the specifications and details about the items that they need and so much more. Besides that, customers also have the opportunity to handpick their items from multiple options in all forms of price range rather than having limited amount of choices, limited options and purchasing items that are more expensive. In addition, a grocery app like ‘bawiq’ also gives customers the option to compare items that they need which would help customers to buy items that suits more to their budget.

Listing grocery items can be difficult as we tend to forget one or two items that we need. Having an order history from previous app purchase is much easier

Benefit No. 5: Helps to Maintain an Organized List of Items Needed

One thing that always occurs whenever we go to the stores to buy groceries is that we tend to forget to list down some items that we need to purchase which could prove to be very frustrating at times. By using a grocery app like ‘bawiq’, customers can place all the items needed in the cart and reuse their previous bill which would usually be stored in their order history time and time again rather than spending time and effort in creating new list every time customers need to buy groceries. This can actually be a lifesaver for many shoppers especially when they are bound to buy the similar items every week. Customers can simply make their shopping list on the fly and reap the advantages of buying the same items in a hassle free-manner. Some might assume that it hardly takes time to make a simple grocery list and all but if the process is seen cumulatively, it does take a lot of time to make a list every week, maybe a few hours every month when that time could be used to be spent on other more productive things.

It is an undeniable fact that grocery shopping is an essential part of our lives no matter what type of lifestyle we live in and it has to be done perfectly to ensure the day-to-day progress of our lives. We may have a particular work schedule that could be difficult to adjust and we may not have enough time to go to a physical shop and get all our grocery items, but when we have the luxury and access of a grocery mobile application like ‘bawiq’, we can place orders at any time whether it is just one item of a long lists of items and at the same time, we could enjoy all the benefits, discounts and advantages that comes along with using such application. 

If you want to get any type of grocery item but don’t have the time to do so? Well, just download the ‘bawiq’ app today and get all your desired items in just 90-minutes. Available right now on the App store and Google play.