An app to deliver grocery orders for free in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

November 6, 2018

Al Ittihad Newspaper

Bawiq” e-shopping launched yesterday in Abu Dhabi through a press conference, the “Bawiq” platform, via phones, to deliver goods to consumers for free in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, within a period not exceeding 30 minutes as a maximum, attributing the launch to the advanced technical support in Abu Dhabi, especially with the system Groceries approved by the emirate. The application is available on the Google Store and Apple Store free of charge, and the user can choose from a wide range of daily products that exceed 4,000 to be delivered without a minimum order, and without special fees for delivery.
"Consumers can choose between a group of daily products that exceed 4,000 items for delivery without a minimum order, and without special fees for delivery," said Rajiv Lee, CEO of the company, adding that 943 grocery stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are currently linked to the application. About 3 thousand small and medium grocery stores and supermarkets will be linked to the application within a year at most, according to the company's plan.
He pointed out that the grocery account can be paid in cash, via cards, or the creation of a family wallet, as this wallet contributes to controlling family consumption of some unhealthy foods, indicating that the application allows evaluating groceries to verify support for competition and consumer protection.
He pointed out that 100% of groceries in the main areas in Abu Dhabi are linked to the application, compared to 80% in Dubai, and the application will include other grocery stores in Sharjah and some northern regions within a month, and the company has a plan to expand to cover all the emirates of the country in the coming months.
He stressed that there are 9,000 small grocery stores in the UAE, according to official statistics, referring to the company's discussions to expand in the Gulf region, especially Saudi Arabia, and to open offices in Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries. He stated that the customer journey through the application must be easy and smooth, and through an easy-to-use interface, the product ordering process can be completed with just a few clicks.
The user experience also includes smart features, such as using the Global Positioning System, in addition to the ability to schedule product deliveries, the ability to select a favorite grocery list, and multiple payment options for the value of products, including credit cards, or cash on delivery, in addition to the secure payment system «bWallet