Bawiq “A new app that uses electronic linking algorithms to deliver groceries in Abu Dhabi and Dubai"

November 6, 2018

Al Watan Newspaper

Abu Dhabi - Al Watan

The retail market in Abu Dhabi and Dubai has witnessed the launch of the largest electronic application to deliver groceries to the consumer for free, and the application technology relies on the latest technologies and algorithms for electronic linking between the needs of the user and the nearest grocery or supermarket based on digital maps, a technology that is about to revolutionize normal shopping methods The application enables the consumer to conduct a 3-step shopping process so that the product from the grocery store will be delivered to the consumer within 30 minutes for free.

Bawiq Electronic Marketing Company is proud to launch the first application produced by the company in the United Arab Emirates, specifically from Abu Dhabi. Major Abu Dhabi and about 80% of the Emirate of Dubai. While the BAWEIC electronic platform is expanding its business, it is assumed that according to the strategic plans of the company’s management, the application services will expand to cover the rest of the Emirates in the coming months.

Bawiq CEO Rajeev Lee confirmed that the application uses electronic linking algorithms to achieve the utmost convenience for users, and this means ensuring that the customer journey through the application must be easy and smooth, and through an easy-to-use interface, the product ordering process can be completed with just a few clicks. . The user experience also includes smart features such as the use of the GPS, in addition to the ability to schedule product deliveries, the ability to select a favorite grocery list, and multiple payment options for the value of products, including credit cards, or cash on delivery, in addition to the bWallet secure payment system, The Bawiq app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store for free.

The user can choose from a wide range of daily products exceeding 4000 for delivery without a minimum order and without special fees for delivery.

On the other hand, promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle that all members and employees of the BAAWEK team aspire to, which includes achieving the UAE Vision 2021 for sustainability, which aims to preserve the environment by providing receipts and payment bills within the application, in addition to ensuring environmentally friendly packaging and delivery methods. Baoick uses reusable bags made from recycled PET bottles for reuse in new deliveries. The Powic app aims to reduce the carbon footprint of every bag delivered on foot or by bicycle.

Also, innovative and advanced algorithms ensure that the order of the ordered products is linked from the nearest supermarket with the product. This functionality, along with all other features, ensures that customers receive their orders within a maximum of 30 minutes or as long as they wish.