Essential apps every Abu Dhabi resident needs

August 13, 2019

Abu Dhabi World

From shopping online, settling traffic penalties to booking a ride – tech is taking care of everyday tasks in Abu Dhabi.

Yet experts say the UAE’s digital revolution is to advance even further.

The country has made no secret of its plan to integrate ever-advancing technology into all aspects of life here.

In 2018, Abu Dhabi topped the ranking of smart cities in the region, according to McKinsey Global Institute’s study ‘Smart Cities: Digital Solutions for a More Liveable Future.’

This analysis looked at how cities all over the world use technology to improve quality of life in areas including mobility, security, health care, housing and economic development.

With that being said, let’s look at how websites and smartphones play an integral part in our everyday lives…

6.10am: Rise and shine! I instantly reach for my phone to check live traffic updates via the Abu Dhabi Police app. Things are moving smoothly for now – yes! Hmmm… still got the sniffles, so let me check the Plume Air Report from the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi to see if it’s still dusty outside.

6.45am: While taking a shower, I notice a small leak under the sink. Let me go through the list of plumbers in Rafeeg to be sure. Perhaps I can schedule them to come tomorrow night to fix it.


7.15am: Breakfast time but food supplies are running low. I’ll put an alert on my phone to remind me to order groceries through Bawiq.


7.45am: Car won’t start! I’m pretty certain it’s the battery. Good thing Helpbit can send someone with a replacement. Or should I take the bus? Darb is a must for public transport users, because it shows what time my bus will arrive at the nearest stop.


8.05am: Bus moving slowly because of traffic. Now’s a good time to listen to a few old tracks through Capital Radio’s website. ‘Light My Fire’ from The Doors is playing – awesome!

11.30am: It’s almost lunchtime, yey! Friend and I order food through Zomatowe’re having curries today. He uses his banking app to send his share of the bill straight over to me.

Noon: Planning my weekend over food. This event at the Louvre Abu Dhabi listed on looks interesting. Before I forget, it’s time to use Ticketmaster to buy tickets for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.

1.45pm: My Noon order arrives! I’ve been tracking it online and it’s here as expected – good job!

5.15pm: Time to grab a cab to Yas Mall via Abu Dhabi Taxi’s app. It’s here after six minutes – that was fast.


6.35pm: Carrying big shopping bags can be a hassle Thank goodness Akyasi is there to drop them at my home for later.


7pm: Catch a Careem again this time for a meditation class I booked via ClassPass seriously need to slow down after a frantic day.


9pm: Finally ordered groceries and my old car battery has been changed too. With all that settled, let me watch the classic 2016 bout between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz on UFC Arabia’s new app.

10.30pm: Time to call it a day and hit play on my white noise app for a relaxing sleep – good night everyone.