Sustainable Business

A Vision Statement

Creating a culture of sustainability is part of everything we do.

From saving time with our deliveries to saving the earth, we are deeply committed and invested into revolutionizing the grocery industry without exploiting our resources and compromising the future.

At bawiq, where our paperless scheme complements our repurposed office furniture, promoting an eco-friendly working lifestyle is something the entire team is passionate about. We strongly emphasize on plastic and carbon footprint reduction, therefore, most of our groceries are delivered and packaged in reusable and recycled bags that are used time and time again.

We are what we leave behind; and in this fast-paced world, leaving a legacy of sustainability are footprints we can leave for the future of humanity.

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  • BAWIQ SDN.BHD., Level 13
        Naza Tower Platinum Park,
        No. 10, Persiaran KLCC,
        50088 K. Lumpur, Malaysia.
        United Arab Emirates.