“The Bells” – Game of Thrones, season 8, episode 5 recap

“The Bells” – Game of Thrones, season 8, episode 5 recap

Before you read, be warned – spoiler alert!

The second last episode “The Bells” finally culminated in a long-expected war destined to take place in King’s Landing. But wait, war? Wasn’t it more a mass destruction and massacre we have seen in this week’s episode? Violence was taking place, just for the sake of it. If you thought that things could turn out peacefully between Daenerys, the Red Keep and anyone unfortunately enough to be present in King’s Landing, you were clearly mistaken.

After Daenerys with her last dragon Drogon is falling piercingly through the sky, killing within minutes the Iron Fleet, the Golden Company and destroying all of the fancy dragon-killing equipment, Dany’s company the Unsullied and the last remaining Dothraki entered smashing the city. It’s an undoubtably easy win for Daenerys and her company. With the Red Keep mid of the episode giving in, just exchanging a peaceful transfer of power with the Unsullied along with Jon and Davos, and the ringing of the bells to signal surrender; you thought for a slight moment that this war ended in a somehow “peaceful” way. 

But just kidding! Dany went full on to be the MAD Queen and burned down passageway after passageway of King’s Landing killing thousands of innocent lives. A quick look at Jon and Tyrion’s shocked faces says it all, this is not how it was supposed to end. Dany decided to be ruthless and finally follow into her father’s footsteps.

So, with only roughly 80 minutes left which will tell the end of the whole Game of Thrones saga, what do you think will happen next? There are unanswered questions remaining especially after last episode.

  • What is Jon going to do about his mad aunt and former lover?
  • How is Sansa going to approach Jon after hearing about the aftermaths? Like “I told you so”?
  • Will Arya kill another Queen, the Mad Queen now? Since she desperately wanted to kill Cersei but was touchingly held back by the Hound. (Don’t forget about her still lingering “green-eyed prophecy”…). Here, do you think Cersei’s death, along with her devoted brother being “just” crushed under some debris, is justified?

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