“The Iron Throne” – Game of Thrones, season 8, episode 6 recap

“The Iron Throne” – Game of Thrones, season 8, episode 6 recap

Before you read, be warned – spoiler alert!

First of all, we have to say properly goodbye to Game of Thrones and accept that it ended, regardless of how we feel each individually about the ending of the most eminent saga.
For sure, we will miss the last weeks talking about and arguing over the last episodes and clearly the progression of these episodes left most of us speechless and somewhat unsatisfied as it seemed all too rushed.

The last episode starts with a moody atmosphere, those who survived are walking morosely through the remains of King’s Landing because of Daenerys now being a tyrannical Queen. She is obviously not the liberal Queen anymore – the Breaker of Chains she was initially. With Tyrion realising that all his hope he had put into Daenerys was futile, he gives up his title as the Hand of the Queen. He is ready to deal with the consequences of his resignation and his disloyalty of his former Queen since he freed his captive brother Jamie.

Then there is Jon still being kept in his beliefs that Daenerys is the rightful Queen. He pays tribute to Tyrion with a last visit in prison. They both have an intense conversation about doing what is right. A likely soon dead Tyrion is claiming that Jon is the only one who can change the future for better. He is trying to convince Jon that his Queen will continue to slaughter those who won’t give in only for an allegedly better cause.  So, Jon facing Daenerys and comprehending that all Tyrion told him is right, he kills Daenerys with a dagger visibly being torn between his feelings – “Sometimes duty is the death of love” – Tyrion.

After all, neither Daenerys nor Cersei ended up sitting on the Iron Throne and we haven’t received the Mad Queens’ war we were promised or hoped so much to see.

It is Bran Stark (aka Bran the Broken), him being elected as the new King of Westeros through a democratic process of the last remaining Lords of the Seven Kingdoms (some of them we haven’t seen at all before). To sum up, it is great to see a progress of election, but somehow it seems too easily accomplished. It lets the overall betrayals, intrigues, massacres, wars and existential battles for the fate of humanity with its main characters over the last eight episodes just fall into oblivion.

So, what do you think of the ending of Game of Thrones? Are you satisfied with how it all turned out to be or not at all?

What we like:

  • Two Starks are sitting on a throne – Sansa now the Queen of the North and Bran the King of Westeros, though it would have been nice if it had been Jon – what do you think? Or do you think he might end up being the new King Beyond the Wall?
  • Drogon being so emotionally intelligent and destroying the Iron Throne as this throne was the overall reason why Daenerys got mad and died in the end.
  • Arya who always made clear she is a woman who creates her own destiny, is sailing in her own ship to the West of Westeros – chasing adventures.

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