Tired of traditional grocery shopping?

Tired of traditional grocery shopping?

Did you know that…

You can save over 2 full days when you are shopping your groceries with bawiq?

Time Use Institute found out that you spend on average 53 hours per year cruising around in a supermarket – that’s a lot!

Traditional grocery shopping vs shopping with bawiq:

Traditional shopping consumer: The bawiq shopping user:
  • Spends on average 41 minutes in the supermarket per shopping trip
  • Spends on average less than 2 minutes shopping on the app
  • Does 1.5 trips per week on average
  • Shops on the app once a week on average
  • Which sums up to 53 hours a year!
  • Which adds up to less than 2 hours a year!

Save your time with bawiq!

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