What you can do with all that extra time while waiting for your mobile grocery order

What you can do with all that extra time while waiting for your mobile grocery order

Most of us are leading extremely busy lives and are looking for ways how to maximize time.

The possibility of shopping our groceries with our mobile phone now, is helping us in this regard. Whether we are at work, at home or currently on the move, mobile grocery shopping allows us to buy our groceries conveniently from wherever we are – leaving us with more time for other things to do while we are waiting for the delivery. So, there is no need to leave the house or office and go to a mostly packed supermarket.

bawiq, your fasted grocery shopping app in the UAE, promises to deliver your groceries in 30 minutes or at your scheduled time after placing the order – providing you with that extra time you probably always dreamt of having.

Here are the 3 best ways of how you should spend that extra time mobile grocery shopping is giving you:

Spend it with yourself.

Whether you relax (e.g. read a book/ magazine, choose to have a nap) or decide to be more active (e.g. work out, indulge in other hobbies), it’s up to you. Enjoy that extra me-time!

Spend it with friends or family.

Imagine now there is time left to chat with your loved-ones on the phone or meet them in person. Bask in that extra quality time!

Spend it to learn something new.

You are one of those persons who always thought if I had more time, I would learn that new skill? Yes? Then now it’s time.

Thus, indulge in that extra time and if you haven’t downloaded yet bawiq, then you should now as for what better reason as to save time and spend it like you want it.

Do you have other ways how to spend extra time? If you want, tell us in the comment section.

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